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What is a micronation?

The term 'micronation' literally means "small nation". It is a neologism originating in the mid-1990s to describe the many thousands of small unrecognised state-like entities that have mostly arisen since that time. It is generally accepted that the term was invented by Robert Ben Madison. The term has since also come to be used retrospectively to refer to earlier unrecognised entities, some of which date to as far back as the 19th century. Supporters of micronations use the term "macronation" for any UN-recognized sovereign nation-state.

What is Micronation.org?

Micronation.org aims to be the most complete and most professional site about micronations on the Internet, as well as being home to a vibrant and diverse community of micronationalists. We have over one hundred active users at present, and that number is continuing to grow. Micronation.org at present contains MicroWiki, our professional micronational encyclopaedia, the Micronation.org Forum, and the Micronational News Agency, with plans for further content in the future.

What are some notable micronations?

Throughout recent history there have been many. The two that the wider world are likely most familiar with are the Republic of Molossia, and the Principality of Sealand.


The Republic of Molossia, is a North American micronation located in Dayton, Nevada, and with an enclave Southern California. One of the oldest micronations, it is the successor state to the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, founded by James Spielman and Kevin Baugh in May 1977. Vuldstein, located in Portland, Oregon, was active for a short period which lasted until the end of that year, when its King moved to another city without renouncing to his throne, leading the Grand Republic to a state of inactivity. Baugh then took control of the nation, with it officially becoming Molossia in 1998. Appearing on the "Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations", Molossia is known outside micronationalism for the movie Kickassia, produced by That Guy with the Glasses, and receives several tourists every year.
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The Principality of Sealand was officially established on September 2, 1967, claiming as its territory the artificial island of Roughs Tower, a World War II-era sea fort located in the North Sea ten kilometres off the coast of Suffolk, England. Sealand is currently occupied by family members and associates of the late Paddy Roy Bates, who styled himself as H.R.H. Prince Roy of Sealand. The population of the facility generally remains around five, and its inhabitable area is just over five hundred square metres.
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